bigg boss controversy
Bigg Boss Controversy: Case Filed Against Kamal
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Bigg Boss Controversy: Case Filed Against Kamal

Puthiya Tamizhagam Katchi records 100 crore maligning body of evidence against Kamal Haasan in the Bigg Boss discussionbigg boss controversy

Kamal Haasan has at the end of the day been focused concerning the Bigg Boss debate. Rs.100 crore criticism case has been recorded by K.Krishnaswamy of Puthiya Tamizhagam Katchi, against Kamal Haasan.

A couple of days prior, he debilitated to document a body of evidence against Kamal Haasan on the off chance that he doesn’t apologize for Gayathri Raguramm’s utilization of “cheri” word in the show. It had evidently harmed the conclusions of a specific rank and thus Krishnaswamy requested that Kamal Haasan apologize. Be that as it may, the statement of regret didn’t originate from Kamal Haasan and thus now the case has been documented.

Kamal Haasan Next after Sabaash Naidu | Click for More Details

Krishnaswamy has purportedly said that the creators could have effortlessly altered out the part where she utilized that word, however they didn’t do that, and this is a proof that this show is being led just for TRP. He likewise evidently censured Kamal Haasan for not apologizing or discussing this issue.

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