Friends Comedy | Vijay | Surya | Vadivelu | Charlie | Ramesh Kanna
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  • Friends Comedy | Vijay | Surya | Vadivelu | Charlie | Ramesh Kanna
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Friends Comedy | Vijay | Surya | Vadivelu | Charlie | Ramesh Kanna

Companions is a 2001 Tamil parody show film coordinated by Siddique and delivered by Appachan.The film highlights Vijay, Suriya and Ramesh Khanna, in the title parts, while Devayani, Abhinayashree, Vijayalakshmi, Sriman and Vadivelu among others assume supporting parts. The music was formed by Ilaiyaraaja, while Anandakuttan took care of cinematography.friends comedy

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The film is a revamp of the Siddique’s own particular Malayalam film by a similar name with performing artists Jayaram, Mukesh and Meena. It was discharged in January 2001 and got positive basic praise. The film finished a 175-day dramatic keep running in the cinema world making it fourth hit consecutively for the on-screen character Vijay. The motion picture was a business achievement and one among the top grossers of the year. Later it was changed in Telugu as Snehamante Idera featuring Akkineni Nagarjuna, Sumanth, Bhumika Chawla. The Telugu revamp was named into Hindi in 2007 as Naya Jigar1

Aravindan, Chandru and Krishnamurthy esteem fellowship over everything else, even family, and hence, Chandru opposes the advances of Aravindan’s sister Amutha. At the point when the trio take up a painter’s occupation at a house, Aravindan begins to look all starry eyed at Padmini (Devayani), who lives there. Padmini’s envious cousin Abhirami (Abhinayashree) makes him trust that his suggestions are responded. At the point when the fact of the matter is uncovered and Padmini rejects him by and large, Chandru defends his companion and talks sick of her. This makes her promise to isolate the friends.

After the marriage, Aravindan understands the hand of Abhirami behind every one of the setbacks and Padmini too acknowledges Chandru is honest. At that point the marriage of Chandru and Amutha is masterminded. Gautham (Sriman), is Aravindan’s cousin who is infatuated with Amutha from his young age. He designs and needs to isolate the match. He makes Chandru trust that Padmini is attempting to execute Amutha. Padmini is currently irate with Chandru. Finally Aravindan comes clean that in their young ages Chandru’s almost totally senseless sibling was unconsciously executed by Aravindan. Gautham records this and makes this to be heard by Chandru. Chandru and Aravindan had battle and pass by their ways. Aravindan tries to persuade Chandru yet he tumbles from the highest point of a mountain. Chandru trusts that Aravindan is dead and feels especially for him. In any case, following five years, he comes to meet Aravindan’s family, just to discover that Aravindan is not dead, but rather has wound up in extreme lethargies. Gautham is presently tormenting his family a great deal. When he comes to realize that Chandru has returned, he goes and begins to thump him. In the wake of hearing his dearest companion Chandru’s cry of agony, Aravindan recovers his memory. Aravindan pummels Gautham, and everybody rejoins and lives joyfully.

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