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  • Power Paandi Movie Review by Tamilrockers
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Power Paandi Movie Review by Tamilrockers.Dhanush can do anything as to silver screen – act, move or compose; he does them all in honourable gauges as well. With Pa Paandi, Dhanush tries to put a firm foot into the course for the first run through.

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Dad Paandi is a prevalent resigned stunt ace who goes on a street trip looking for his first love. There have been not very many movies in Tamil that has managed the life of old man. Regardless of the possibility that there are any, they would generally discuss their battles. Be that as it may, where Pa Paandi scores are the tight and light way it discusses an extremely exceptional subject. That is the place Dhanush truly demonstrates his grit as a chief.

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The whole experience you get from viewing a family show regularly comes down to the little enthusiastic minutes. There are 4 to 5 minutes in Pa Paandi, which may not be new to everything except rather still would make everybody wear a grin all over.

With age our points of view change as well as what others look like at us. How youngsters who once look upon their older folks as saints, consider them load after they age. Our legend Pa Paandi is distinctive, even at his mid-sixties, he is physically and rationally solid. The general public calls him an old man, needs him to be bolted inside a room and think only his past and bite the dust sometime in the not so distant future. Be that as it may, he has different arrangements; he needs to carry on with each snapshot of his life for himself and not for the general public or for his youngsters who have their own particular life to live. Dhanush has demonstrated that a script like this could be given a run of the mill business treatment.

Rajkiran is splendid from the word go, he has had his influence so well. Have we seen him talk in English? Here he does. Dad Paandi indicates Rajkiran in a totally extraordinary shape that we have never observed. Revathi returns in a sentimental part after ages and she has conveyed it with a developed execution. Dhanush too has a substantial part to play in the film. He desires around 30 minutes. We have seen Dhanush play comparable characters in the past and it is a cake walk sort of execution from him. Sean Roldan’s music was a joy and it supplemented the script so well.

Basic things like the development of Rajkiran or battle scenes could have been made with minimal more flawlessness or more characteristic to be exact. Truth be told, the last battle looks a little constraint fitted and could have been stayed away from. You may set aside some opportunity to identify with the character yet once that is done, you are all in for a charming ride. The principal half generally is the foundation of Rajkiran’s character, while the second half discusses his past and furthermore soul-seeking background. A pleasantly sew plot, actually!

Dad Paandi is stuffed with some reasonable exchanges and feelings that many could identify with. It has something for everybody. Fathers might want it thus would kids. So it’s a film for the family gathering of people who may leave the theatre with some level of fulfilment.

Decision: Pa Paandi could be your ideal family summer treat

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